Alcohol Free Cocktails @ MVP

Alcohol Free Cocktails @ MVP

Alcohol Free Cocktails @ MVP 640 310 Brewtonic

At MVP we have some of our most creative bartenders on show. Award winning drinks put together by world class bartenders. There’s been a slight shift in the industry towards low abv & non-alcoholic drinks and at MVP they’re conjuring up some tasty options.

Gin Free & T

A G&T without the G. Our housemade juniper cordial is also flavoured with star anise & cardamom.


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A good alcohol free replacement for a margarita. The smokiness of mezcal is replicated with a syrup made with Lapsang souchong tea. This pairs well with the sharpness of white grapefruit.

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Ginger Fizz

Long & refreshing. The ginger beer gives it a bit of a kick without the alcohol.

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