Brewtonic Beer Club at The Back Page

Due to the major success of Brewtonic Beer Club at The Square Ball, we decided that it was time to expand our club to pastures new. Every Thursday from 7pm, Rowan (The Grain Father) and co will be serving up some of our experimental batches that we brew in Brewtonic HQ, our latest Brewtonic brews and our favourite beers from further afield. These are on us, of course, and everyone is welcome to come down and try some tasters.

Brewtonic is our brewing division and is the project responsible for drinks like 13 Seconds, Four 20, Solitary Flight, Raspberry Beeret, Same Sex Saison and The Long One IPA to name a few.

We’ve worked with White Hag, Rascals and Rossa to make most of these. Week to week we spend a lot of time in our Brewtonic Bunker, coming up with new recipes and ehh… testing them out.

Book at table at The Back Page…here!