Brewtonic Beer Club at the Square Ball

Hops. Any good ale as them in abundance. Ever wondered what makes them special? Well the good people at Beavertown Brewery know that it’s the Lupulin. Lupulin is an golden, oily resin you find under the ‘leaves’ of the hop cones and it’s where most of the flavor and aromas you’ll find in your favourite IPA come from.

So this for this weeks Brewtonic Beer Club at the Square Ball we’ll be serving up Beavertown’s Lupuloid IPA. It’s the result of their experimentation with all things hoppy in the Attack of the Lupuloids collaboration series. It’s their fist straight up IPA and a perfect example of how the Lupulin imparts those fruity, citrus, floral, piney earthy flavours at work. Come down from 6pm for tasters and more chats about those magic little cones.