Hopfully – Brewtonic Beer Festival

Hopfully – Brewtonic Beer Festival

Hopfully – Brewtonic Beer Festival 750 348 Brewtonic

Sakura – California Common single hop Sorachi Ace – 5.4%

The flavour develops as you drink, every sip offering something new to discover. The most interesting aspect of this beer is that the aroma is constantly developing even after it has been served. Initially, there is intense bubblegum with notes of white flower. After a few minutes, the bubblegum becomes more pronounced as well as coconut, and a touch of dill.


Lovemaker – Pale Ale – 4.8%

Lovemaker is a bold and refreshing beer with a medium-light body, clean hop finish and a beautiful golden colour. Hopped with Summit and Cascade hops, it has a fragrant floral and citrus nose with a fine malt note, some caramel malt to balance the bitterness and some rye malt to help enhance the spicy character of the hops. Everlasting pleasure couldn’t describe this pale ale better.


Graciosa – IPA – 5.3%

Inspired by the warm Barcelona weather, Graciosa is a highly aromatic, flavourful and refreshing IPA. The overwhelming aroma is backed by an uncannily soft malt backbone which, along with the hops, fall into a rare form and flavour that rushes across the tongue in ripe tropical fruits and fresh citrus bursts.


Beetjuice – Beetroot Saison with Sage & Lemon Thyme – 4.5%

Inspired by traditional Belgian cuisine, Beetjuice is our first attempt to bring a dish into the beer bottle as opposed to using the beer in a dish. With a beautiful pink colour, Beetjuice is refreshing earthy and savoury. Unusually gorgeous!


“We are a Dublin-based craft beer brewery aiming to merge the craft of brewing with good local food and the talents of emerging artists & musicians. Our brewery is dedicated to promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.”


Graciosa: http://laregaderagrafica.tumblr.com

Lovemaker: https://www.josemiguelmendez.com/

Sakura: http://paulamcgloin.com/

Beetjuice: https://ambervittoria.com