Meet The Team – Prof. Noodles Alvey

Meet The Team – Prof. Noodles Alvey

Meet The Team – Prof. Noodles Alvey 275 183 Brewtonic

Kicking off our Brewtonic series of Meet The Team is Ian Alvey a.k.a. Professor Noodles. Ian is one of Bodytonic’s longest standing members, here’s a little more about him:


Introduce yourself:

My name is Ian and I arrived from a Galaxy far, far away. Wicklow Town to be precise. I’ve been in hospitality and running parties for 20 years. I dream of a better world with sustainable carbon neutral micro brew pubs as far as the eye can see.


Tipple of choice:

I love them all equally. But if I could only have two … red wine and red ales. 


Death row meal:

Trump’s heart on a plate and a nice organic Chianti to wash it down.


Favourite Brewtonic brew, and why:

Four20 Hemp Ale. The first beer that was a proper hit for us and it went on to be a staple. It’s been a journey trying to get the recipe 100% and we’re still on that. We had it on cask once. It was pure nectar.


Favourite Bodytonic memory:

The Twisted Pepper Closing Party. The emotion in the building that night, it’s impossible to convey unless you were there, you can’t script that stuff. Oh and Sim Simma, up in the haze of the loft where I met my Queen – Libby.


What do you get up to in your spare time:

I don’t, I just work



I’m afraid of dry sponges