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We’ve worked with White Hag, Rascals and Rossa to conjure up these beers. Week to week we spend a lot of time in our Brewtonic Bunker, coming up with new recipes and ehh… testing them out.

Here you will find all of our beers, past and present. We’ve added our tasting notes, the malts and hops used for each beer and a brief description of what to expect.

Beers Now Pouring

Four 20 Hemp Ale


We’re currently on our nineteenth batch of the Four 20 Hemp Ale. Since the first batch we have constantly been working on improving the taste. This Hemp Ale has a subtle earthy and nutty aroma derived from the addition hemp seeds in the mash.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Copper with an off-white head.
Aroma: Dank, resiny and earthy with pine and citrus fruits.
Flavour: Dank, Earthy, Weedy with Grapefruit and Citrus fruits.

Medium-light body, medium bitterness with a dry finish.

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In Cahoots Elderflower Kettle Sour


In Cahoots is a collaboration with the Sligo Massif – White Hag Brewing Co.  A mutual love of sour beer brought us together to work on this project. This brew is a well balanced session-able kettle sour. It was generously dry hopped and with the addition of elderflower in the boil. It has plenty of citrus and of course elderflower notes. This is also our first beer to be available in bottles & cans.

Relax The Cacks


Medium body with a crisp dry finish. Relax the Cacks was the perfect balanced summer IPA, ideal for Friday evenings when it was time to…

 Tasting Notes

Appearance: Dark gold with an off white mousy head
Aroma: Citrus, gooseberry and tropical fruits
Flavour: Hops dominate with pineapple, grapefruit and citrus on top of a chewy malt backbone.

Weisse Guys


Weisse Guys is a collaboration with our buddies at Rascals. Brewed with German Wheat yeast for it’s sweet banana profile and paired up with late and dry hopping of a subtle bouquet of fruity hops; Yellow Sub, Centennial, El Dorado and Calypso. We couldn’t leave it there so for a Rascals twist and to embrace Brewtonic’s cocktails, we decided to add some lemon zest to the mix.

Weisse Guys is a complex fruit bomb with lashings of flavour from the yeast, hops and lemon zest and also a balanced bitterness from the lemon. It has a big body and at 6%, she stands her ground!

 Tasting Notes

Appearance: Big Body
Aroma: Lemon Zest
Flavour: Fruity, flavour from the yeast, hops and lemon zest and also a balanced bitterness from the lemon.

Haka That


Combining some of New Zealand’s most well known hops in the whirpool and liberal measures  of all 3 in the dry hop. Aroma of Tropical fruits – peaches, apricot and citrus.  Flavour –  Lemon and  limes, Tropical and Stone fruits on top of a bicuity malt backbone. Medium bitterness. Dry finish.

 Tasting Notes

Flavour: Medium bitterness with a dry finish

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011 Black Rye Ale


Inspired by our love of the Netflix phenomenon that is “Stranger Things”, we decided to brew this up just in time for Halloween.


Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Black, hints of blood red with a white head.
Aroma: Orange peel, Mango and tropical fruit with some very light toasty and spicy rye notes.
Flavour: Hops to the fore despite the colour. Juicy fruits, Pineapple, Orange peel, tropical fruits.

Medium-light body, medium bitterness with a dry finish.

The Past : Limited edition & one off batches we brewed….

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13 Seconds Porter


The second coming of this hard hitter! This porter pays homage to one of the greatest moments in Irish sporting history.

The 13 seconds porter has a subtle taste of roasted coffee, toasty crusty bread, balanced with a combination of smooth dark chocolate and even darker fruits. You can expect a medium bitterness and dry finish that leaves you wanting more. It goes down like Aldo! One off brew we ran in 2015.

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East Rider Grisette


A wheat based Belgian farmhouse ale oozing with fruity hops and yeast character and finishing thirst-quenchingly dry.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Light gold haze with a fluffy white head Aroma: Pineapple, mango, banana, lemon zest, orange & citrus with a little hint of sherbet and spice.

Flavour: lemon, pineapple, banana citrus and plenty of funky Belgian yeast character.
Low bitterness, light body, dry finish.

Nautical Boogie


Brewed especially for Beatyard.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Clear pale gold appearance with white fluffy head

A juicy IPA with tropical and bubble gum fruity flavour. With a low bitterness of 35. Limited edition batch we ran in 2017.

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City of Gold Pale Ale


With the summer months looming, we decided it was time to bring out a refreshing tropical pale ale. It’s rare to come across a good pale ale these days that isn’t bitter and borderline IPA. With City of Gold, we think we’ve done just that! Light tasting and fruity on the nose, with hints of mango and pineapple, our new tropical pale ale has been an instant hit!

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Light gold with a thick white head.
Aroma: Tropical fruits – Mango, pineapple, honeydew melon and citrus.
Flavour: Citrus, pineapple, melon and tropical fruits with a light bready sweetness.

Medium-light body, light bitterness with a dry finish.

Low Rider Session IPA



With the beer market saturated with high ABV brews, we decided to release a low ABV session IPA. At 3.7%, this is a real session ale!

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Solitary Flight

Appearance: Hazy gold with a fluffy white head.
Aroma: Apricot, melon, doughnut peach and pepper.
Flavour : Melon, pineapple and peach mingle with peppery spices leaving a beautiful dry finish.


Our second bash at making a Saison following the very popular “Same Sex Saison” from last summer. One off batch for the Beatyard in 2016 to commemorate Theo Parrish’s appearance at the festival !

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The Long One IPA



The Long One was limited edition beer inspired by a certain goal which helped Ireland secure a spot in the Euro 2016 tournament.

Harking back to the heady days under the tutelage of Jack ‘give it a lash’ Charlton, the long ball has been a staple of Irish footballing success. From the days of Packie Bonner up to these of Darren Randolph, Irish goalkeepers have mastered the long ball assist. Who better to score from this than the aptly named, Shane. None of that tiki taka nonsense, just give it the long one!

The Long One IPA has a light colour and strong hop flavour. Coming in around the 5% ABV mark, it is a very sessionable refreshing ale without the big bitterness. Magnum hops are used for mild bittering and it is dry hopped with Vic Secret for the fruity hop aroma. Brewed in collaboration with Rascals Brewing, The Long One was the first time we dipped our toes in the IPA waters and it was a long time coming.

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Your Auld One’s Amber Ale


Our very first beer brewed with Alex (who has since gone on to set up Whiplash, one of Irelands most exciting new breweries) and Five Lamps Brewing. The amber ale is a hybrid that has a Marzen base comprising almost completely of Munich, CaraMunich and Vienna malts. It is hopped pungently with Simcoe in the back and Falconers 7 C’s up front. On the tastebuds it has slick, bready, toffee and caramel backbone served up with every tropical and citrusy hop that begins with the letter C.

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Hoffman’s Belgian Ale

ABV: 5%



This Ale carries a ruby red colour, with a big fluffy head. This Belgian beauty is a malt forward beast. While sipping on this Ale you can enjoy the subtle taste of raisin and caramel notes, balanced with a silky mouthfeel and lovely Belgian esters.

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Same Sex Saison


Brewed to promote the Yes for Marriage Equality campaign this beer is a classic Belgian Farmhouse Saison.