Rascals Brewing – Brewtonic Beer Festival

Rascals Brewing – Brewtonic Beer Festival

Rascals Brewing – Brewtonic Beer Festival 900 463 Brewtonic


Happy Days – Pale Ale – 4.1%

“We have been working on our Happy Days Session Pale Ale recipe. We have lightened the malt base and changed up the dry-hopping in this recipe. We have been waiting patiently on our contract of Australian hops and we finally got our hands on Vic Secret this summer. We’ve created a more vibrant hoppy session pale ale with a bigger hit of tropical fruit notes of pineapple and mango…HAPPY DAYS!!”


Yankee White IPA – White IPA – 5%

“American IPA meets Belgian Witbier. Yankee is a hybrid of the two styles, hopped like an American IPA with the malt bill of a wheat beer and fermented with Belgian Wit yeast. Big CITRUS and PEACH fruity profile with subtle spice from the Belgian yeast. Yankee has a soft body, light mouthfeel giving the beer a crisp with a refreshing finish.

Yankee White IPA has all the complex hop flavour of an IPA and is finely balanced with the bright flavour of a wheat beer!”


Special Release..

We are going to have our only keg release (bottles coming soon!) of our latest Barrel Aged Beer. Belgian Red aged in Sangiovese Red Wine barrels for over a year. Inspired by the Flanders Red Style, this beer has evolved in the barrel with subtle sour, oak and cherry notes.


We will show off our first bottles of our Chardonnay Saison, this is a kettle soured saison, aged in a Chardonnay wine barrel for 9 months. This beer is Chardonnay-esque with hints of oak, sour funk flavour and a tart, crisp finish.

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