Social Hops Project Meet-Up

Social Hops Project Meet-Up

Social Hops Project Meet-Up 356 200 Brewtonic

The first event on our newly renovated balcony and bunker was a meet up for the folks involved in the Social Hops Project.

Social Hops Project is a very exciting concept coming from Urban Farm founder, Andrew Douglas. The idea is for people all around the country to grow hop plants in gardens. When the plants are ready, the harvested hop cones are used in a wet-hop beer made by our pals, Rascals Brewing Company.

All growers were supplied with Prima Donna (and one or two other varieties) hops rhizomes to bring home and plant. Right around the time of the event the plants were ready to be trimmed back to only allow two vines to grow. The offshoots that were cut off are quite the delicacy and can go for €1000 per kilo!

We decided to throw a wee bash for these folks and asked them to bring along their shoots to garnish pizzas from the big blue bus downstairs. Refreshments were supplied in the form of raspberry sodas and our first bunker beer, an IPA.

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