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Greentonic Tackles The Plastic Problem – Brewtonic

Greentonic Tackles The Plastic Problem

Greentonic Tackles The Plastic Problem

Greentonic Tackles The Plastic Problem 500 334 Brewtonic

It’s so great to see the everyone’s efforts over the past couple of years in reducing waste both at home and in the workplace. How many of us remember a time when everything went into the one bin at home – food waste, paper, glass, everything! Hard to believe, right? So now that we’ve gotten to grips with our green, brown and black bins, it’s time to start tackling initiatives to reach zero waste.


We were shocked when we saw documentaries and reports lately that show us what actually happens to our waste once it’s collected. Some of that plastic we’re putting into the green bin isn’t actually recyclable, and most of it is shipped around the world for processing. Ludacris!

So with this in mind, it’s time to start the battle against plastic and reduce our waste overall. One small thing we can all start doing to help this problem is having a reusable water bottle to have on the go. If we all say no one water bottle a week, that adds up to 52 bottles per person, per year. Multiply that by the whole country and all of a sudden it makes a huge difference to the amount of plastic waste we generate. It’s also cheaper too, no more need for spending money on something that comes out of the tap for free! Win win situation.


So this is just one small step to reducing our waste. We’re a long way from zero waste, but we’ll get there eventually! Got any ideas to help reduce waste? Let us know below!

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