Greentonic – Week 3

Greentonic – Week 3

Greentonic – Week 3 1600 435 Brewtonic

We’re into week 3 of #greentonic initiative at Bodytonic HQ and across our bars. So far we’ve started to compost all of our coffee grinds and use on our rooftop bars as well as reducing our single use waste like plastics, coffee cups and blue roll.

This week, we’re looking at our electricity usage and how we can reduce and save our draw on power (and our ESB bills!)

To start off, we’re taking readings of the meters in all the bars at the start of the week, and measuring again the following week to see what we’re currently using. Now that we’re coming into the cold dark Winter days, we’re going to have to work hard to keep usage down because we’ll need that bit more light and heat. The first thing we can do is switch our bulbs over to LED and that should help out in a big way as they’re such a low draw on power. We’re looking at ways to warm the office and keep the heat in, so we’ll be adding heavy curtains to the draughty windows which will hopefully look stylish too.

Got any suggestions? Let us know below!

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