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Greentonic – Week 4 Disposable Coffee Cups – Brewtonic

Greentonic – Week 4 Disposable Coffee Cups

Greentonic – Week 4 Disposable Coffee Cups

Greentonic – Week 4 Disposable Coffee Cups 696 275 Brewtonic

Up to 200 million coffee cups are thrown away each year in Ireland, and with that, we want to up the ante on removing disposable coffee cups from our organisation altogether.


Our next step in #greentonic is to focus on disposable coffee cups, their use and cost, and how it impacts us all. Some days, there can be up to 12 of us in here at any one time, and we drink a lot of coffee which often means a lot of waste too 😕


Not only are regular disposable cups incredibly damaging to the environment because of their plastic coating, they cost your coffee shop a fortune. A disposable cup and lid combo can cost up to €0.35; whereas some reusable coffee cups can cost as little as €3.00. Like this one, which is made with natural bamboo and silicone which can be recycled. What’s even better is some coffee shops offer a discount when you bring your own cup – huzzah!



Back at the office, we found a secret stash of the coveted Bodytonic mugs. Pretty snazzy eh! Do you fancy getting your hands on a set? Drop us a mail below and tell us what #greentonic initiatives you’ve done and why you deserve this priceless Bodytonic memorabilia!

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