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What’s Greentonic you ask? Greentonic is an extension of Brewtonic which focuses on all aspects of being “green”. We want to reduce our waste, remove single use plastic, be environmentally friendly and overall try to make the world (Dublin for now!) a better place.

We started out by creating¬†Bin It To Win It, our campaign to clean up the canal around Portobello. All those lovely summer cans on the canal have to go somewhere and it started off really well. Suddenly the canal was back to it’s former glory and looking great. We’re still running it at The Bernard Shaw¬† so if you fancy a free pint of Brewtonic, pick up one of our bags, fill it up and bring it back to us. Simple!

With the summer well and truly over now, we’re looking to improve out systems within our bars. The first step we made was last year when we got rid of plastic straws and single use plastic cups. Straws are the absolute bane of the ocean and there’s no need for such an amount of plastic to end up there unnecessarily. It’s made a big difference to our bins each week (and the ocean!) and hopefully has had a knock effect with customers and other bars and restaurants to remove them from their drinks. We’ve got reusable plastic cups for our events and super busy night, which not only look the business but reduce our plastic waste.

Another idea we’ve implemented in our head office is a ban on takeaway cups. Most takeaway cups are not recyclable and have a plastic film on them which doesn’t break down and unfortunately ends up in our ecosystem. Most people think they can go into the green bin but that’s not the case. So, if 8 people in an office can use a reusable coffee cup or mug, that could be up to 80 cups a week saved from landfill, and over the year that’s over 4000 cups! That’s insane, right?! As well as being better for the planet, your coffee tastes nicer too.

So that’s just the start of plans for Greentonic. Got any thoughts or ideas? We’d love to hear them. Let us know below:

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