Meet The Team – Hilary “Monica” Quinn

Meet The Team – Hilary “Monica” Quinn

Meet The Team – Hilary “Monica” Quinn 944 944 Brewtonic

Hilary is the latest recruit to the Bodytonic family by way of the Brewtonic bunker. Don’t let her no-nonsense approach fool you, she’s actually lovely. Here’s a little more about her:

Introduce yourself:

I got on a bus from Mayo in 2010 and never returned, I’ll probably only go back once Mayo win an All Ireland final (we were robbed by Kildare this year). Once I had a dream about doughnuts and decided to make a go of it by starting a company, then I became known as Dublin’s doughnut queen. I’ve since retired from the doughnut game and joined Bodytonic as …  well … that’s still to be decided. But in the meantime I’m known within the team as Monica Geller – I do some cooking, a lot cleaning and make terrible puns.


Tipple of choice:

I don’t discriminate – a good pint of Guinness or a really well made Negroni always hits the spot


Death row meal:

The mammy’s Christmas dinner


Favourite Brewtonic brew, and why:

White Hag In Cahoots with Brewtonic Elderflower Sour – sharp, bitter and punchy (a bit like myself). The most refreshing of brews to enjoy on an Irish summer day.


Favourite Bodytonic memory:

Having my 18th birthday in The Twisted Pepper. Not that I can remember a whole pile of it though


What do you get up to in your spare time?

What spare time?



Mayo for Sam!