Meet The Team – Packie McCarthy

Meet The Team – Packie McCarthy

Meet The Team – Packie McCarthy 150 150 Brewtonic

Some say his beard is hiding the original disco ball from Twisted Pepper, others say it holds wondrous magical powers. All we know is he’s Packie who runs Wigwam. Here’s a little more about him…

Introduce yourself:

Another Dub via New York. I took a year out of a nursing degree then got a job in a little Pub called the Square Ball, that was in 2015. Rum enthusiast and some time soda maker, love nothing better than putting on a great party and seeing people enjoy it.


Tipple of choice:

Nothing beats a can of something cold and hoppy on a sunny day, failing that, Ron Zacapa 23, neat.


Death row meal:

Probably give up this vegetarian craic and head straight to Fowl Play for a platter full of ribs, wings and brisket.


Favourite Brewtonic brew, and why:

011 Black Rye Ale, dark on the nose, refreshingly hoppy and bit of rye spiciness.


Favourite Bodytonic memory:

Getting the nod to take over Wigwam, a lot of history in the building and it’s really exciting being on the front line for the next chapter of the group.


What do you get up to in your spare time:

Find a balance of friends, family and NFL.



Traded my personality for a beard.