Meet The Team – Rossa O’Neill

Meet The Team – Rossa O’Neill

Meet The Team – Rossa O’Neill 688 192 Brewtonic

Rossa is the brain behind our brews, if it tastes good then he’s to blame. Read on to find out more about the lord of libations…

Introduce yourself:

Brewer, drinker, beer dreamer, all around general beer wanker. Trombonist and family man. Usually found between beer-land and trombone-land or watching sport.


Tipple of choice:

Oude Geuze always goes down well


Death row meal:

Anything from the BBQ with something sour and expensive to wash it down.


Favourite Brewtonic brew, and why:

13 seconds. Nothing beats a dirty big porter.


Favourite Bodytonic memory:

Doing the blind beer tasting panel in The Bernard Shaw at last year’s Brewtonic beer festival. Who knew Dutch Gold tastes so good?


What do you get up to in your spare time:

Look after my girls. Make beer. Dream about making beer. Drink beer. Play the trombone. Not necessarily in that order.



Demand good beer!