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Friends Of The Grand Canal 186 271 Brewtonic

Friends Of The Grand Canal

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You might remember back over the Summer when we launched our Bin It To Win It campaign which was a great success. We rewarded anyone involved with a crisp pint of Brewtonic on those scorching hot days and the canal was looking lovely. That’s why…

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Greentonic – Week 2 150 150 Brewtonic

Greentonic – Week 2

It’s the second week of our new Greentonic initiative in which we’re trying to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can. Last week we started off by stopping our coffee grind waste going straight into landfill. So far, we’ve saved kilos of this…

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Wicklow Farm Trips 150 150 Brewtonic

Wicklow Farm Trips

We took a spin down to a couple of interesting farms in Wicklow yesterday. One of the former stalwarts of The Bernard Shaw, Davi, has set up a modest veg farm over the last six months supplying local residents and even restaurants in the city…

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Greentonic – Week 1 1200 1600 Brewtonic

Greentonic – Week 1

You might have seen our launch of Greentonic and what we’re doing about the plastic problem, so now we’re launching the 12 weeks of Greentonic here at Brewtonic headquarters. The idea is simple, make on small step each week to reduce waste and overall be…

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Brewtonic Beer Fest – Round Up 6000 3376 Brewtonic

Brewtonic Beer Fest – Round Up

  We had a great weekend at The Bernard Shaw celebrating all things brewed and quaffable. A big shout out to all the breweries that took part – Rascals, Grand Cru, Hopfully, Kinnegar and Beavertown. A big thanks also to our amazing Eatyard vendors who…

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Greentonic Tackles The Plastic Problem 500 334 Brewtonic

Greentonic Tackles The Plastic Problem

It’s so great to see the everyone’s efforts over the past couple of years in reducing waste both at home and in the workplace. How many of us remember a time when everything went into the one bin at home – food waste, paper, glass,…

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Brewtonic Grow Tower 1200 1600 Brewtonic

Brewtonic Grow Tower

We’re very lucky here at Brewtonic to have such a sound bunch of people working with us. Take Brendan for example, you’ll see him pulling pints behind the bar at the Shaw, cleaning the back yard and in his spare time he looks after the…

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Veg Menu @ Wigwam 1274 1600 Brewtonic

Veg Menu @ Wigwam

Have you heard the latest on the menu at Wigwam? Pedro and his team have developed several new vegan options to enjoy on their updated menu! From the new jackfruit burger to vegan nachos and a super vegan salad, there’s plenty of options to choose…

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Brewtonic @ MAD 302 167 Brewtonic

Brewtonic @ MAD

Now that we’ve returned to normality after our time in Copenhagen, we thought we’d share some ideas we loved at MAD symposium. Mad is the Danish word for food, and this is a symposium which not only looks at food but focuses on the issues…

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