If you build it, they will come

If you build it, they will come

If you build it, they will come 400 400 Brewtonic

After a period of nomadic existence, Brewtonic now has somewhere we can call our headquarters. After a few false starts over a period of a couple of years the balcony and bunker space atop The Bernard Shaw is now where we call home. Our production still continues in Rathcoole with our good friends Rascals Brewing. The Brewtonic Bunker is a place for us to experiment with various projects from making sodas, tinctures, infusing spirits and brewing beer on our 25 litre home brew kit. The balcony doubles up as an event space & garden with bar, bbq, ample seating and a variety of vines, fruits, herbs and plants we plan to harvest and add to our concoctions.

The bunker has had many incarnations before we took over. Circa 2008/9 it was the studio for street artist Maser before it was the first home to Hang Tough Framing, who moved a few doors down. After this period the stripped down box room was transformed into a full HACCP certified kitchen which was where MVP’s Spudbox used for preparing their tasty potato dishes.

Over the space of a month we transformed the balcony and bunker into it’s current form, a mini brewery, garden and event space. Below is the story in pictures:


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