Trip to Beavertown Extravaganza 2018

Trip to Beavertown Extravaganza 2018

Trip to Beavertown Extravaganza 2018 2448 3264 Brewtonic

Ahead of bringing the Beavertown folks to our festival next week in The Bernard Shaw, we took a trip to theirs, in London. Taking place over two days in the impressive Printworks events space, the festival welcomed over 60 breweries from the UK and around the world. We strolled along to the Friday evening session and this is how we got on.

Beer glasses were marked for a 100ml pour, allowing for attendees to get through a higher number of beer samples at each session.

Acoustic session stage just as we walked in.

The middle of the third room held the DJ in the middle surrounded by benches and bars on the edge of the room.


Upstairs led to the Good Beer Hunting area, hosting a range of talks across the two days. The room was stunning, befitting light beer chats as well as industrial techno gigs.

The food offering was of a high standard. Many of the food stalls had featured at the Beavertown taproom weekly on Saturdays. We went for the halloumi fries, tacos and a burger. All were top quality.

Afterwards, we took stoll over to Street Feast at Hawker House for some more eats and drinks.

All in all the Beavertown Extravaganza was a pleasant experience. Excellent selection of beers and food with a nice dusting of entertainment in the form of talks and music. One point to note along with most other festivals we’ve attended is the balance of women to men. Definitely something for organisers of similar events to consider, how to get more women to buy into beer….